The Tile Safe Shower System case study

The Tile Safe Shower System case study

Ten years ago, Industrial Plastic Shapes was approached by its customer Showerwell to help develop a tile liner for their Tile Safe Shower System. After a year of trialling different substrates we settled on a plastic liner we believe is the best tile liner in the New Zealand market.


The brief was to find a transparent liner with good impact that can adhere to a range of materials and support a wall of tiles. We also included additives to enhance the adhesion of the recommended glue. The Tile Liner was born and has since been used on thousands of tiled showers throughout New Zealand.



Since its inception in 2009, the Tile Safe System has become the preferred choice of many of the largest construction companies and Group Housing companies throughout New Zealand. It is specified not only for its function and performance but also for its price competitiveness. Above all, its guaranteed not to leak.

So by using the Tile Liner as a component of the Tile Safe System the home owner gets peace of mind knowing they have purchased a complete tile over shower system that is guaranteed to last.