Polycasa San

Polycasa San

Polycasa SAN is the trade name for extruded Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) copolymer sheets from Polycasa. The SAN programme offers solutions to both indoor and outdoor applications. (For external use, Polycasa SAN UVP, incorporating UV protection should be used.) As a result of the extrusion and lamination process, Polycasa can offer a variety of designs, as well as the glass clear version. The almost unlimited application possibilities of Polycasa SAN offer the industry new opportunities in order to stimulate creativity. Polycasa SAN is unique in the world with it’s sandwich co-ex structure, which brings extraordinary UV resistance.


  • Good optical properties and a brilliant surface.

  • Easy to handle and vacuum form.

  • Very good dimensional stability.

  • Very good chemical resistance: to most fats, dilute acid solutions, oils and common bleaching agents, as well as some solvents and weak alkaline solutions.

  • Can be used in - and outdoor (in UVP version) and are resistant to temperature fluctuations.

  • Can be used in contact with foodstuffs (non UV version).


  • Industrial (door) glazing.

  • Covers for foodstuffs.

  • Covers for office equipment.

  • Screen printing.

  • Advertising signs.

  • Fittings for shops and exhibitions.

  • Displays.

  • Flat or curved shower screens.

  • Greenhouse glazing.

  • Room dividers.