Polycasa XT and Flysafe Sound Barrier Wall Case Study

Polycasa XT and Flysafe Sound Barrier Wall Case Study

The Polycasa XT Acrylic Sound barrier wall grades are transparent, noise reducing and offer many creative options for construction, motorway barriers and industrial glazing.


Along with the XT range, Polycasa offer their “Flysafe” product with patterns infused into the material therefore unable to be scratched off by vandals. The pattern has been specifically designed to reduce the chance of birdstrike unlike some of the clear alternatives like glass.


Polycasa have tested the unsymmetrical pattern on 21 birds at the Biological Station in Ringelsdorf, Austria and has been classified as a “Bird Protection Glass” according to the ONR 191040 testing. Although the markings appear as barriers to bird life, they still allow good transparency for the human eye.


The advantage of using Polycasa XT Sound Barrier in comparison with more traditional materials such as concrete are that it is much more light weight, creates a better optical view and is more aesthetically pleasing due to the range of colours and finishes available.