Polycasa IMPEX® Hardcoat

Polycasa IMPEX® Hardcoat


Impex is the brand name for Polycasa’s range of polycarbonate sheeting. Impex Hardcoat is a polycarbonate sheet with the application of a “hardcoat” to one or both sides. This is a permanent, factory applied coating which enhances the material’s scratch-resistance and general resistance to wear and tear. Impex hardcoat is available in 3mm to 15mm thickness.


  • Enhanced scratch-resistance

  • Excellent impact resistance, the best of any plastic substrate

  • Weather resistant , 10 year warranty for the UVP grade

  • Lightweight

  • Excellent clarity and light transmission

  • Fire-retardant , self extinguishing


  • Race car side windows

  • Greenhouse Glazing

  • Machine guards and other safety glazing

  • Picture and poster protection

  • Riot shields

  • Prison and other security glazing

  • Roofing and any general flat-panel glazing


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Available ex-stock in 3050 X 2030 size in 3mm clear, hardcoat one side only.