Polycasa Crylon Hi-impact Acrylic

Polycasa Crylon Hi-impact Acrylic


Crylon Hi Impact Acrylic is one of the trade names of Polycasa for extruded acrylic in the form of large dimensional sheets. Offering solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications, Polycasa Crylon is available in clear and opal white standard and in a wide range of colours and designs. Sheets are produced and tested according to DIN EN ISO 7823-2.

POLYCASA Crylon sheets are easy to cut with a tungsten blade, CVC router or a CO2-laser cutter. Brilliant edges of cut can be achieved depending on type, thickness and surface treatment. The laser operating efficiency should amount to 300 – 1000 W. Neodym-YAG lasers permit excellent engraving of coloured POLYCASA XT sheets. Inert gas rinsing and extraction of monomer vapour must be ensured.


• Good optical properties – brilliant transparency showing excellent colour.

• High-quality surfaces – very good weathering and ageing resistance.

• Can be used in contact with foodstuffs – meets all current European food control legislation.

• Does not contain any toxic materials or heavy metals which may cause environmental damage or health risks.

• Easy to recycle.

• High impact grades Polycasa XT610, XT620 and XT630 have outstanding mechanical properties and excellent impact strength.

• Easy to fabricate.


• Construction components: light domes, partition walls, glazing, roofing, caravan windows.

• Lighting: prismatic control lenses, opal diffusers.

• Engineering components: housings, machine covers.

• Advertising and decoration: letters, shop fittings, panels, Point Of Purchase displays.

• Other applications: containers, lettering templates, solariums UVT (UV-transmitting grade).

• Sound barrier walls.


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IPS carries the following sheetes in Crylon XT610 (100% impact modified): 3300 X 2050 X 3mm and 4mm, clear and opal only.

Other colours and gauges available on indent.