Polycasa Crylon Case Study

Polycasa Crylon Case Study

Polycasa Crylon is an extruded acrylic from one of Europe’s largest acrylic manufacturers. The material is manufactured to exacting standards by Polycasa in Germany under the umbrella of 3A Composites, one of the world’s major players in the supply of sheet plastic and composite materials.



Industrial Plastic Shapes Ltd is proud to promote the Polycasa Crylon brand in New Zealand and has been successfully supplying the material into a number of different applications for some time. Polycasa Crylon can be used for glazing, roofing, sound barrier walls, skydomes and many other thermoformed parts. The materials excellent formability, weatherability and clarity, make it particularly suitable for large moulded signs and display units.


Recently Industrial Plastic Shapes supplied Crylon XT 630 for a major corporate re-branding throughout New Zealand and Australia which involved the manufacture of many hundreds of vacuum formed signs. For this particular application, Polycasa Crylon XT 630 was specified because of its extreme impact strength due to the addition of an impact modifier. Detailed technical data sheets are available, however our own “in house” testing involved driving a fully laden Ford Ranger over a thermoformed part several times without the part breaking!

Industrial Plastic Shapes hold stock of Polycasa Crylon XT 630 (100% impact modified) in 3300mm x 2050mm sheet size, in 3mm and 4mm thickness in both clear and opal, however the material is available in many different formats.

Polycasa Crylon can be extruded at a maximum width of 2050 and at any length that is practical to transport. Thickness range is from 1.5mm through to 25mm. The material can be produced in a wide range of different colours and can be colour matched to any unique requirement. It is also available in a variety of different impact strengths to suit the most demanding applications.



Please contact Industrial Plastic Shapes Ltd for further information or feel free to visit the Polycasa Website www.polycasa.com “Your home for plastic sheet”.