Polycasa Acrylic XT Sound Barrier Wall

Polycasa Acrylic XT Sound Barrier Wall


XT Sound Barrier Wall Flysafe® is the latest addition to our range of Sound Barrier Walls, reducing the chance of ‘bird strike' - where birds fly into clear sheets, glass and other transparent architectural elements.

As they do not see these as obstacles to be avoided, the solution is to create a contrast effect on the transparent barrier which is visible to birds, who perceive gaps of approximately 10 cm (about the size of your hand) as too small to fly through.

The design is a sophisticated and unsymmetrical pattern that can be used in all directions. Whereas the markings appear as a barrier to birds, the foil still allows good transparency for the human eye.


  • Excellent noise reduction, good optical properties, very high transparency, superior UV light resistance and outstanding weather resistance.

  • Easy to process.

  • Due to the pattern printed onto the inside of the laminated film of Flysafe, it can neither be scratched, damaged, nor removed by graffiti-cleaner.

  • Soft Tone has a matt soft surface, avoiding light reflective effects or increase light scattering.

  • The noise barrier elements comply with the product standard EN ISO 7823-2 as well as construction regulations including EN 1793 and EN 1794.

POLYCASA XT SBW FLYSAFE is highly effective and is classified as "Bird Protection Glass" according to ONR 191040 at Biological Station Hohenau -Ringelsdorf.


  • Sound barrier wall devices

  • Large scale glazing

  • Front covers

  • Conservatories

  • Roofing


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Available on indent basis only.