IPS UHMW Rigid Sheet

IPS UHMW Rigid Sheet


POLYETHYLENE is more widely used today than any other thermoplastic. It is available in a number of different grades, High Density (HDPE), Low Density (LDPE), and High Molecular Weight (HMWPE). There is also a range of co-extruded Polyethylene with different properties. We can help you select the appropriate material to comply with your needs.


  • Various finishes

  • Superior impact strength

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Self lubricating

  • Easily machined

  • Good rigidity

  • High wear resistance


  • Tip truck liners

  • Chute lining (mining industry)
  • Wharf fenders
  • Bearings
  • Guide rollers 
  • Concrete truck chutes


Available on indent only, subject to minimum order requirements.