IPS Integral Skin Foam PVC

IPS Integral Skin Foam PVC


IPS Constructaboard is an Integral Foam PVC Sheet with firm outer skins.

The product is strong, durable, lightweight and resistant to water. It is ideal for construction applications such as cabinetry, granite benchtop support or anywhere that could be effected by water.


  • Fine cell structure

  • Hard surface finish

  • Lightweight

  • Waterproof

  • Non corrosive

  • Good thermal insulation

  • Good UV Stability 

  • Chemical resistant

  • Low flammability 

  • Excellent printability

  • Easy to fabricate, similar to wood


  • Signage

  • Kitchen & bathroom joinery

  • Boat building

  • Displays

  • Exhibition stands

  • Construction

Product Range

Gauge: 10, 16, 19 & 25mm

Sheet Size: 2440 x 1220mm

Colour: White Semi-Gloss