IPS Industrial Rigid PVC

IPS Industrial Rigid PVC


PVC rigid sheets are widely used in general industrial and chemical industries such as Lab equipment, Etching equipment, Semiconductor processing equipment, plating barrels, water tank, chemical storing tank, oil tank, storing tank for brewing water, acid or alkali production tower, acid or alkali washing tower, photograph developing instruments; Electrical industries for battery box, electrometer plate, electrolytic tank and various plates for electrical insulation, signboards for advertisement, wall cladding of office and public utilities, door panels and so on.


  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

  • Excellent impact strength

  • Reliable flame retardant

  • Reliable electrical insulation


  • Lab equipment

  • Etching equipment

  • Semiconductor processing equipment

  • Plating barrels

  • Water tank

  • Chemical storing tank

  • Oil tank

  • Storing tank for brewing water

  • Acid or alkali production tower photograph developing

  • Electrical industries for battery box

  • Electrometer plate

  • Plates for electrical insulation