IPS General Purpose Acrylic

IPS General Purpose Acrylic


General Purpose Cast Acrylic is the most common form of sheet acrylic used in many markets. From print to fabrication to forming. The composition of the final product is 90-95% PMMA + additives (stabilisers, plasticisers, dyes and pigments, and release agents). IPS supply a full range of Cast Acrylic from some of the largest manufacturers in the world.


• Optical transparency of 93% light transmission for transparent sheets – significantly lighter and far more impact-resistant than glass of the equivalent thickness.

• Resistant to UV rays, good thermal stability and low water absorption.

• Easy to handle – most fabricating techniques can be used with CAST, allowing attractive designs.

• Food approved according to EN 10-2011.

• Easy to recycle.

• Tailor made colours on demand.

• Wide range of specialties.


• Signs

• Displays

• Furniture

• Sanitary fittings

• Gift articles

• Shop fittings

• Solariums

• Boat windows

• Projection screens


10 year warranty for clear acrylic in "flat panel" applications only.


Colours available on indent only.