Foamalite Lumex-A Standard

Foamalite Lumex-A Standard


Lumex-A is an extruded, thermoplastic polyester material. It is mainly produced in transparent sheet form and offers a surface that is smooth, flawless and has excellent clarity. IPS carries Lumex-A in 1.5mm gauge and in clear only, but colours and other thicknesses are available on indent.


  • Good impact strength , even at sub-zero temperatures

  • Excellent weatherability in both non-uv and uv versions

  • Fire-Retardant , rated as “difficult to ignite”

  • Suitable for use in the food industry

  • Excellent clarity

  • Easy to print


  • Electrical meter-box viewing windows

  • Refrigeration industry parts where low temperatures are expected

  • POS displays, particularly poster covers

  • Digital and screen printing

  • Greenhouse glazing

  • Safety glazing in flat-panel application



Download product information PDF here.


Lumex-A is available ex-stock in 1.5mm only in 2050mm X 1250mm size.

Other sheet sizes and thickness are available on an indent basis.