Constructaboard Case Study

Constructaboard Case Study

Constructaboard is a lightweight polymer construction panel. It is used in the building and joinery industries as an alternative to timber.


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Key Features

  • A foam core structure that is very lightweight for ease of handling
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properites
  • Moisture resistant and excellent for wet areas
  • Good impact and flexural strength

Scope of Use

  • Constructaboard is used in the kitchen and bathroom industries as a water-resistant alternative to timber panelling
  • It is also used for partitioning and as a wall liner in mainly commercial situations
  • It is able to be screwed, nailed, painted and also edge banded to give a smooth and attractive finish


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In-Service History

The product has been used in the Kitchen and bathroom industries for over 20 years and is a proven performer as an alternative to MDF.

Limitations on Use

  • It is generally for internal application only but it has limited UV stability and can be used in exterior areas that are not subject to lengthy exposure to direct sunlight
  • Being a thermoplastic, Constructaboard can deform at very high temperatures — potential thermal expansion must be taken into account during the design stage


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