Case Studies

Case Studies

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The Tile Safe Shower System

Ten years ago, Industrial Plastic Shapes was approached by its customer Showerwell to help develop a tile liner for their Tile Safe Shower System. After a year of trialling different substrates we settled on a plastic liner we believe is the best tile liner in the New Zealand market.


Constructaboard is a lightweight polymer construction panel. It is used in the building and joinery industries as an alternative to timber.

Ezyliner FR Fire Retardant Polypropylene Liner

Faced with ever increasing fire compliance requirements for lining their finished product, our client needed a material that had been thoroughly tested against standards that were relevant to the markets they sold into.

Mason Clinic Project

Industrial Plastic Shapes was recently involved in a major RCC refurbishment project of the Mason Clinic in Mount Albert, Auckland.

Polycasa Crylon

Polycasa Crylon is an extruded acrylic from one of Europe’s largest acrylic manufacturers. The material is manufactured to exacting standards by Polycasa in Germany under the umbrella of 3A Composites, one of the world’s major players in the supply of sheet plastic and composite materials.

Polycasa XT and Flysafe Sound Barrier Wall

The Polycasa XT Acrylic Sound barrier wall grades are transparent, noise reducing and offer many creative options for construction, motorway barriers and industrial glazing.