Athlone Durosun UV Outdoor Grade

Athlone Durosun UV Outdoor Grade

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Acrylic-capped ABS is a co-extruded material that combines the normal ABS characteristics of impact strength and durability with those of PMMA including scratch resistance, aesthetics, and, if necessary, weather ability. Durosun UV has been developed predominantly for the automotive market.


• High gloss finish

• Superior impact strength

• Easily printable

• Excellent thermoforming properties

• Easily machined

• Excellent chemical and scratch resistance

• Superior UV Resistance


Material Properties* Standard Unit Capping 
Tensile strength ISO 527 MPa 42
Flexural strength ISO 178 MPa 68
izod notched impact strength ISO 180 J/m2 200
Heat deflection temperature ISO 75 °C 100
VICAT softening temperature ISO 306 °C 100
Density** ISO 1183   1.06
Flammability Rating UL94 Class HB


* Property evaluations on injection molded unpigmented material

** Density values vary with pigmentation





The Acrylic Capped ABS UV Outdoor material is being used to replace metal in many applications where colour fastness, finish longevity, weight and deterioration are an issue.

• Tractor roofs

• Wheel guards

• 4 X 4 wheel covers

• Gaming and vending machines.


Available in a comprehensive range of colours including a range of metallics.
Colour matching is available on request.

Available on indent only.