Athlone Durogloss Furniture Grade

Athlone Durogloss Furniture Grade

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Durogloss foils are co-extruded multi-layer thermoplastic structures that incorporate a high gloss, scratch resistant acrylic top layer on a high impact ABS substrate. Available in sheet or reels, these high-end technical foil products have been developed specifically for the indoor furniture industry. Bedroom furniture (beds / wardrobes), kitchen cabinets (doors / panels), bathroom furniture etc. where superior surface aesthetics are required combined with high gloss and scratch resistance.

Lamination of Durogloss acrylic foils to MDF or chipboard panels via flat lamination or post forming techniques is achieved using specifically formulated hot melt PUR adhesives. The high gloss top surface of Durogloss foils have a PE masking film which protects this surface at all stages of manufacture through to final installation and can be easily removed. The bottom face (“B” face) of Durogloss foils are specially treated to ensure optimum adhesion to both MDF and chipboard surfaces.


• High gloss

• Scratch resistant

• Enhanced durability

• Range of colours (pastel to vibrant and metallic)

• UV stable

• Ease of bonding / fabrication


• Kitchen cabinetry

• Feature walls

• Wall partitioning

• Shop fit outs

A range of Technical Information including Roll / Sheet Widths, Scratch resistance, Flammability Rating, Surface gloss, UV resistance, Colour Accuracy, Flammability is available upon request. Colour matched backing sheet available (Athpol P90D) in high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) with an embossed scratch resistant surface.


Available on indent only.