Athlone Durosan Sanitaryware Grade

Athlone Durosan Sanitaryware Grade

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Acrylic-capped ABS is a co-extruded material that combines the normal ABS characteristics of impact strength and durability with those of PMMA including scratch resistance, aesthetics and, if necessary, weatherability. Durosan XR is a fourth generation Acrylic-capped ABS developed specifically for the sanitaryware market. It is easily thermoformed and machined and can be colour matched to any requirement.


• High gloss finish

• Superior impact strength

• Excellent thermoforming properties

• Easily machined

• Excellent chemical and scratch resistance


Material Properties* Standard Unit Base Capping
Tensile strength ISO 527 MPa 42 48
Flexural strength ISO 178 MPa 68 83
izod notched impact strength ISO 180 J/m2 200 32
Heat deflection temperature ISO 75 °C 102 90
VICAT softening temperature ISO 306 °C 102 95
Density** ISO 1183   1.1 101
Flammability Rating UL94 Class HB HB


* Property evaluations on injection molded unpigmented material

** Density values vary with pigmentation


• Thermo forming of baths, shower trays and vanities.

• Sanitary shower wall linings

• Splash backs


Available in a comprehensive range of colours. Colour matching is available on request.


Available in white 2mm only.

Other colours and gauges available on indent.