Arlaplast MAKROLIFE™

Arlaplast MAKROLIFE™


Makrolife Transparent polycarbonate (PC) is a virtually unbreakable material for the toughest environments. Makrolife Transparent PC has high clarity and good optical performance for applications where good visibility is important. It also has excellent temperature performance which gives good fire properties, the material is even self-extinguishing. Transparent PC is well suited for thermoforming or machining. Arla Plast has a wide portfolio of transparent PC sheets. Our transparent PC is available in different optical qualities, colours, frost, light transmission and with different surface structures. We also have a solar control version that helps to reduce temperature by letting the light pass but keeping the UV-radiation out. Special resins are used when FA (food approval) or FR (flame retardant) characteristics are needed. 

MAKROLIFE™ is transparent polycarbonate sheet with double sided UV-protection. The product is produced with vast knowledge of our production team experienced in producing mono, co and tri-extrusion. The product has a UV protection layer guaranteed against UV radiation and yellowing hence excellent for outdoor applications where Glass is used. The product is virtually unbreakable with extremely high impact resistance and offers high temperature performance too. MAKROLIFE™ provides designers, specifiers and architects with possibilities to use transparent polycarbonate sheets in applications where high clarity and optical performance is required. 

EXCELLENT FIRE PERFORMANCE complying requirements to EN 13501-1 (EUROPEAN BUILDING STD). In case of fire, the sheet will melt and allow venting where heat and smoke will be let out and therefore reduce the growth of fire by flame spread.


  • Double-sided UV-protection

  • More than 10 times the impact strength of high impact PMMA

  • Easy to thermoform and fabricate

  • Half the weight of glass


  • Barrel vaults

  • Roof lights

  • Wide span architectural glazing

  • Bus shelters

  • Poster protection

  • Skylights

  • Greenhouses

  • Covered walkways

  • Sport arenas

  • Vending machines

  • Lamps

  • Sound protection walls

Product Range

Sheet Size: 2050 x 3050 mm

Thickness range: 2 – 20 mm

Colour: Clear

Embossing: ICE™, TEX™, Grain 35, ANTI-REFLEX™


Dowload product information PDF here.


Available ex-stock in 2440 X 1220 sheet size in 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm.

Material is available in clear only.

Other sizes and colour are available on indent.